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Easy and Simple Online Quizzes / Surveys
"I use the online quizzes for my teaching, the students love them, it keeps them engaged in online lessons!"
"We created an online survey for our parents in just a few minutes. Fantastic service, thank you!"
"I think it's great that participants can only respond to surveys once, and that their anonymity is preserved. Participants were confident to give their true opnions."

Create online quizzes or surveys in minutes

Setup a Kahoot-like online quiz (or Mentimeter-like survey) in a few minutes. Choose questions and possible answers, with time for responses, and even add pictures.

Create surveys in just a few minutes
Easily manage several survey groups

Participants join remotely

Share the survey/quiz access code, and participants can join in.

In online quizzes participants get points for correct answers, and compete to be on the podium.

Watch results in real-time

You can watch the summary of responses as they come in with intuitive charts.

The participants get immediate feedback on their answers.

Watch survey result in real-time
One-click to email unique access links to participants

Also supports online surveys

In this case there are no 'right answers', participants give their views and opinions.

Organiser controls the timing of each question.

Choose from various question types: Open questions, Multiple choice, Word cloud, Level of agreement, or Yes-No questions.

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All features available from your desktop, tablets or smartphones

The website is fully responsive, working on most of the popular web browsers, workstations, laptops and smartphones.

A web app that can be used from your Parexel desktop, or on the go
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